Mosquito, Tick, Flea / Biting Insect Control Programs

Stop mosquitoes and biting insects before your family gets eaten alive or worse with a control barrier that last longer than the industry standard.


We have been controlling Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Ants +many more for over 20 years on yards all over Northern IL.

We can control Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Ants, Armyworms, Cutworms, Sod Webworm, Annual Bluegrass Weevil, Billbugs, Black Turfgrass Ataenius, Leafhoppers, Mealy Bugs, Centipedes, Chinch bugs, Fleas (adults and larva), Fire Ants, Millipedes, Mole Cricket.

  • 4 to 5 steps a year for season long control.
  • We can start program anytime of the year.
  • Regular scheduled treatments every 4-8 weeks once pests start emerging.
  • Control Mosquitoes, ticks, Fleas & Ants + many more nuisances with over  80%+ control.
  • Organic/Natural option is available

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Illinois among top states for mosquito-bite diseases: CDC

 Illinois saw the number of mosquito- and tick-borne diseases jump from 226 in 2004 to 772 in 2016, according to CDC data. (James Gathany / AP)

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Mosquitoes and Disease

 What’s the most dangerous creature on earth? Without question the answer is: the mosquito. Mosquitoes and the diseases they spread have been responsible for killing more people than all the wars in history.  

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Our Applications last 2 x Longer & Costs Less Per Week/Year

Our Competitors normally visit every 3/4 weeks. Our treatments are better because it lasts twice as long, making it less expensive.


Example: If you pay $60.00 every 3 weeks you spent = $540.00

Our longer lasting process is $90.00 every 6 weeks = $450.00 + still get bonus coverage

(every property is priced individually this price comparison is a comparison on an average size property)

We use a longer lasting product with enhancers that keeps the active ingredient going.  Most of our competitors must spray/mist every 3 weeks costing more money and hassle with more visits.  With this premium product, we only have to visit every 4 - 8 weeks.  Saving you money and time to have a service on your property spraying. 

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