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Green-Keeper —Leave Little to Chance & Save.

Green-Keeper -Leave Little to Chance & Save.  Minimizes Disease & minimize Ants, Ticks & Mosquitoes.

Packages to make your lawn more beautiful with less Disease and minimize annoying pests like Ants, Ticks & Mosquitoes.

Mosquito stop, by Aaron's Greenscape controls Mosquito, Tick, Flea / Biting Insect in northern il

Stop Mosquito, Tick, Flea / Biting Insects

Granular Fertilizer with Iron

Quality Granular slow release Fertilizer is the the bast for Northern IL

Granular, Slow-Release Fertilizer with Iron All Season Long.  This product thickens your lawn more effectively by slowly releasing nutrients at the root every day. Micro-Nutrients and Iron (Fe) help your lawn achieve a more beautiful shade of green all year long, helping your lawn to naturally resist problems.

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Guaranteed Weed Control

Aarons Greenscape Kills tough lawn weeds in Rockford IL & Northern IL

Our Broad-leaf weed control kills the weed at both the top and the root including Dandelions, Clover, Creeping Charlie, and hundreds more. Our application process allows us to spray for weeds only when needed. We also apply Pre-emergent annual grassy weed control this is applied in any fertilizer program in the spring and is guaranteed. This treatment blocks the ability of Crabgrass, Foxtail, Goosegrass, and many other annual grassy and broad-leaf weeds from completing their germination cycle.

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Insects and Disease Protection

Tree Injection and Banding being completed by Aaron's Greenscape in Rockford & Northern Illinois

We go beyond the Industry standard and offer Tree Experts that are State Licensed, in the areas of landscape ornamentals. We continue to search out the best practices in the industry to bring you the most up to date information available.

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Core Aeration

Representation of core aeration benefits with Aaron's Greenscape in Illinois



To get a beautiful garden, you must till the soil. Aeration is how you till your lawn. Lawns need aeration to improve the depth and extent of turf grass rooting and improve fertilizer and water use + so many more benefits.

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Natural Base Organic Fertilizer

Get Optimum Organic matter in soil


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Grub & Insect Control

White Annual Grub -Grub control treatments available preventive and instant knock down

  • Grub Preventive / Control
  • Preventive Grub Control 
  • Instant knock down

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Broad Spectrum Insecticides

Ant | Ticks | Fleas | Mosquito

  • Surface Insect control 
  • Stop the Pests: Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Ants + many more

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Fungicide / Disease Control

Lawn has fungus disease needs fungicide and or organic base fertilizer program dome by Aaron's


If your lawn has Insect and or fungus damaging it.

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Over / Slit Seeding

grass seed for Slit / Over Seeding with Aaron's Greenscape inc. in Northern Illinois

Over-seeding or slit seed a lawn if it is thin or fatigued after years of use.

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-Soil Test -Soil Amendments



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mulched bed with no weeds is treated preventative by Aaron's Greenscape

  •  Less Weeds in your beds

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Lawn Growth Regulator

representation of growth regulation a convenient service done by Aaron's Greenscape in Northern IL

  • Less Clippings
  • Less Clumps
  • Deeper Green

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VEGETATION CONTROL -NON-selective control

Vegetation control treatment being done with back pack

Need some areas or spots killed to remove undesirable lawn or plants.

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