Aaron's VS. - Competitors & DIY

National / Regional

Share holders profit and accountants in another part of the world may not always chose lawn care the way it should be. Being the cheapest with the cheapest products in many cases doesn't make it the best value.  You could just be a number, seldom getting the same technician. 

  • With Aaron's we assign area managers to home areas and we will chose only the best products for you and our lawns.

Local Landscaper / Mow Guy

Not usually specialized, busy cutting lawns, installing landscapes, putting up fences, and yes even sealing driveways.  So many services to take care of, and in many cases they do a good job, but you wouldn't get your glasses from your general practitioner, you would go to your Optometrist. 

  • Aaron's is your Licensed Specialist just like your optometrist is to your doctor.

Do it Yourself-er

Planning and literally picking up product for the year that is needed, hopefully calculating the right amount. Wondering if the spreader is calibrated to spread the right amount.  If it doesn't work you continue guessing what is needed.  Left over product sits in your garage until used, if ever and saving money is not guaranteed.  

  • Some peoples time is worth more than others but most people don't love sweating pushing a spreader with Fertilizers and spraying weed control for fun.

Aaron's VS. -National -Regional Companies Fertilizer

Kind of Fertilizer in Lawn Treatments

National & Regional Companies

Your lawn may receive one or more liquid Weed and Feed treatment applications, typically having a shorter residual feeding and color duration.  It is inexpensive, around 1/5 to 1/10 the cost of granular slow release fertilizer.  DON'T BE FOOLED, some of these companies tout that they use Granular fertilizer, but only use it some of the time. At Aaron's WE USE GRANULAR *EVERY TIME, the better way.  What's worse than cheap fertilizer? How about no fertilizer, only weed control for one or more treatments, with one of these competitors this is business as usual.

Aaron's Greenscape

Granular slow release every time, not just when its convenient. Includes Iron and Micros if needed, even on our standard program.  Weed control is included, not combined, so we can  choose to apply if needed, the separate  liquid spray.  We can blanket the entire lawn or if not very weedy everywhere, spot just the weedy areas.  Usually, spot treatment is mostly all that is needed after years of our lawn fertilizer programs on our veteran lawns.  This is what is recommended by top growers of show lawns, Illinois Extension and plant pathologists.

Selling & Informing, What's the best way?

National & Regional Corporations

Many customers that have came from the bigger companies tell us they would get several phone calls a week, selling more services whether they were interested or not.  It seems the boiler room sales room is not dead.

Landscape Companies

They are interested in selling you, but it's usually landscaping projects. They are busy doing landscaping jobs they have already committed to.  That leaves them with little time to care about sending out information on current maintenance problems or services to consider at the proper time. Chances are they'd rather cut your lawn then inform you on your cut height. 

Aaron's Greenscape

We inform and recommend though emailing or mailing when you need to know.  We only call a few times with important information with a pre-recorded message, so you can choose if you want to connect with us about it or not.  No pressure, just informing you about important timely things to consider.  Many of these ex national / regional customers have told us they are happy with how we inform them and not push.

Aaron's VS. - Other Lawn Treatment Companies

Secret of a quality application -Details Matter

Corners and edges need a consistent treatment and when applied properly there will be excess fertilizer that will need to be blown off.  Blowing Granular fertilizer off the driveway does take a few extra minutes, but we're just following the instructions on the bag that many companies fail to do. Many may not even have a blower or broom on their truck or if they have the tools, are they required to use them?

  • We require every truck to have a working blower and for the applicator to do his work the way it should be completed. This is especially true when putting down a weed barrier pre-emergent of fertilizer like in round 1, where the active ingredient needs to be consistent, at or above poundage to the edges to work.

Corners and edges take a bit more precision. A hand held sprayer is sometimes needed.

Not everything can be done from a fertilizer machine. At times there may be a need to treat weeds in the lawn close to edges or smaller areas.  This spot treatment is needed not only for those weeds along the edge, but also we will treat Grassy annual weeds as well if the solution is updated with time of season and needs.  The formulation will change many times throughout the season for precise expert Weed control applications. Many companies fail to outfit a smaller sprayer on their trucks or just don't care about treating weeds if it's a dry application, making the customer wait until the next treatment round.

  • We want to make sure our customers always get their weeds treated every time. So we offer an incentive for our applicators to get to weeds every time we apply, whether out in the open or in harder to reach areas. Our applicators will be paid more each time they strap their backpack on. This has been our incentive policy since we started and is very different than the majority of companies in the business.

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