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Your Grass has many Needs and If not met problems will become evident


  • Most lawns need these, and most people don't realize the difference they can make.
  • The ability to take in nutrients efficiently depends on many factors, including soil composition.


We will take soil samples and test them in lab for pH, cation exchange rate and nutrient levels. Then we will professionally analyze the results and send them to you with our recommendations to correct any problems found.  You will get a copy of the results with our recommendations.  If soil amendments are needed the cost of solid test will be subtracted from the application.  *No Charge with any Green Keeper program.

Basic Test Test pH macro nutrients  cation exchange capacity 

  • Basic soil test   $45.00 *n/c-Green-Keeper
  • Each addition Basic tests submitted at the same time. $25.00
  • Full Soil test $95.00


Gypsum loosens hard-packed soils, increases nutrient availability from fertilizer treatments making soil more receptive, and helps plants get a better chance to expand their roots. It also gives your lawn vital nutrients like Calcium. If you have clay, this treatment will help it hold and release nutrients and water. Gypsum also adds calcium without increasing the pH. We suggest you apply this after a double pass core aeration to enhance the ability of getting it into the soil. We apply at an amending rate (30-50 pounds per thousand square feet). Softening the soil will help lawns breathe and root, making any lawn thicker and healthier. 


Soil pH is very important to all plants. Lawns like it between 6.5 and 7.5. Lime or Sulfur is added to correct or maintain a proper soil pH. If needed, we apply at an amending rate (a soil test is recommended to determine if needed and rate to apply). Coupled with a core aeration, you will maximize the impact on your lawn. Lime especially helps lawns that are shady, have a lot of pine plants, or high amounts of leaves or rooting plant material. Color and health are enhanced by maintaining the proper pH. We can start with a soil test and let you know from there what will help most.


The soil treatment that pro sports field managers use.

Each irregularly-shaped granule creates air spaces in the soil and lasts for years. Creating space for roots to spread, resisting compaction problems for years. This allows important soil exchange (O2 and CO2) and stores water and nutrients for the roots, to name just a few benefits.  



  1. Loose, porous soil structure created by Soilmaster granules increases needed soil oxygen and releases other soil gases such as carbon dioxide.
  2. Non-compacting, non-decomposing granules keep soil loose, improve infiltration, and balance water retention/drainage.
  3. Roots spread more easily in looser soil, strengthening and anchoring turf more firmly.
  4. The unique internal porosity of Soilmaster granules manages soil water and nutrients, releasing them as needed.

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