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Standard Fertilizer Programs

  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Basic Four
  • Standard Five
  • Full Standard

Fertilizer Upgrade Programs

  • Basic Four Upgrade
  • Combination Five
  • Combination Upgrade
  • Ultimate Organic Upgrade

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  • Balance Fertilizer Upgrade Lower Nitrogen, More Potassium, and or More Time Release
  • Organic Fertilizer Upgrade Compost  adds Humus, Suppresses Fungus


  • ROUND 1   Objective:  Block Crabgrass and other grassy weeds, and to promote healthy spring green-up from the stress of winter dormancy.  Application:  Spread granular fertilizer coated with Crabgrass control. 
  • ROUND 2    Objective:  Control weeds and thicken lawn. Application:  Spread granular Slow-Release fertilizer with Iron and blanket or spot spray with liquid broadleaf weed control.  Broadleaf weeds controlled include Dandelion, Clover, Creeping Charlie, Violet, Thistle and hundreds of other broadleaf weeds.
  • ROUND 3    Objective:  Prepare for summer conditions and control weeds.  Application: Spread granular Slow-Release fertilizer with Iron and spot or blanket spray broadleaf weeds.
  • ROUND 4   Objective:  Keep lawn’s color, and control grassy annual and broadleaf weeds in summer conditions. Application:  Spread granular Slow-Release fertilizer with Iron and spray weeds including any annual grassy weeds.
  • ROUND 5   Objective:  Maintain color, control weeds, and start preparing for winter conditions. Application:  Spread granular Slow-Release fertilizer and spot or blanket spray broadleaf weeds.
  • ROUND 6   Objective:  Promote food storage, root growth and residual for healthy start next year.  Application:  Spread Special Slow-Release winterizing fertilizer releasing most nutrients in the spring,

By taking advantage of a program of four or more Rounds, you will receive free service calls on weeds and color quality when needed all season long. Individual steps or three steps per year or less are warranted against weeds and for color quality four weeks after each treatment.

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Graph of fertilizer break down of the competition VS Aaron's Greenscape Advantage of slow release.


Best Value in the Industry

Our standard lawn fertilizer is always Granular and Slow Release, with Iron and Micro-Nutrients applied at the optimal times. This high quality product goes beyond the Industry lawn care services Standard.

Bags of Granular Slow Release Fertilizer. Professional Lawn Fertilization products


Build Roots / Thicken

Lower Nitrogen, more Potassium, and a slower release reduces stress and encourages a more consistent and healthy turf stand. This gives lawns the best possible synthetic elements and release. We recommend this product if you are renovating, seeding, trying to thicken your existing grass, or trying to grow grass under trees. 


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Healthy Soil = Beautiful Lawn 

Soil is more important to the overall health of your lawn than any other variable. It has been proven time and again that organics suppress fungus and stimulate healthy micro-organisms. By accelerating and stimulating microbial life (the life blood of rich soil), you can reduce thatch maintenance, increase drought tolerance, and insure better long-term health. Getting your soil closer to the optimum organic state will make a lasting difference.

More information on organic base fertilizer

PROGRAMS / PACKAGESβ€” Year at a Glance

Every year will be different due to weather, lawn’s condition and routing. Fertilizer treatments are generally every 4–8 weeks. *Arrows in Rounds / steps box show treatment time approximations with the range of agronomic conditions.

Graph of the year of Fertilizer Packages  and services and range of when they will be completed.

Organic and Balance Fertilizer programs

Upgrade Fertilizer programs builds your soil naturally for better long term health.

  • Basic Four Upgrade - Limited number of treatments using only the best fertilizer and weed control options. 15% off aeration

  • Combination Five - A five step program with upgraded fertilizer being applied at optimum times of the year including a winterizer.  20% off aeration

  • Combination Upgrade  A full six steps targeting the best option in our product line for that time of the year. Giving your lawn the healthiest, greenest lawn for the money.  25% off aeration

  • Ultimate Organic Upgrade  5/6 steps. Most Organic fertilizer in a pre-designed program. This will build the soil the fastest and suppress light-to-moderate fungus problems (strange spots and circles).  35% off aeration

Core Aeration

Green-Keeper Packages β€”Leave Little to Chance & Save.


Get the most green out of your lawn just like top golf courses.

Packages to make your lawn more beautiful with less Disease and minimize annoying pests like Ants, Ticks & Mosquitoes.  By preventing the most common problems all lawns struggle with we’ll make your lawn a star in any neighborhood, even if conditions are challenging.  We put these services into packages that get you the most green possible. Many of our pictured lawns have Green-Keeper or equivalent programs.

  • Build up Lawns struggling with challenging Soil, Shade & less ideal Grasses.
  • Perfect for lawns with Disease / Fungus problems.
  • Mosquito & annoying Insect Pests Controlled (not included in Lite package).
  • Green-Keeper programs qualify for monthly billing.  
  • Discounts can apply to additional services.
  • Most Discounts can be combined like Core Aeration discounts.
  • Save hundreds on services in packages.
  • Growth Regulator treatment discounted with any Green-Keeper package.
  • Several levels of service available.


See how good your lawn can look, problems or not.

green-keeper packages | discounts | year at a glance

Growth Regulator

Slow the lawn with growth regulation, keeping the beautiful healthy green grassy lawn and cut less.

Less Clippings, less Clumps, Deeper Green

Do you love the beauty and benefits of a well manicured lawn but tired of the constant cutting and all the clippings during the wetter times of the year? Our growth regulator regulates growth so there is less stress from cutting too much off when you can only get to it weekly.

Available Lawn Treatment Services

Weed Control

Kill Weeds

  • Whats included in fertilizer programs
  • All additional weed control services
  • Growth Regulator / Bed Treatments 

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Core Aeration

representation of lawn aerification


To get a beautiful garden, you must till the soil. Aeration is how you till your lawn

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Fungicide / Disease Control



If your lawn has Insect and or fungus damaging it.

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Grub and Insect problems


  •  Grub Preventive / Control
  •  Surface Feed Insect control

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Over / Slit Seeding


Over-seeding or slit seed a lawn if it is thin or fatigued after years of use.

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-Soil Test -Soil Amendments



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