Fruit Tree Program


Fruit Trees are often very susceptible to disease and insect damage that will affect fruit yields.

Aaron’s Greenscape’s Fruit Tree Program is a crop safe specialized program to meet the needs of your fruit trees. Please call and we can design a program to fit your fruit trees.

Β· Crop-safe dormant oil, which is a 98% pure environmental and crop safe petroleum oil, is applied shortly after bud break in the spring. It coats developing leaves and ovules with a microfilm that controls Scale, Mites, Pear Psylla and many other chewing insects.

Β· Deep Root Fertilization encourages blossom and fruit production. This is a slow release fertilizer, micronutrients, and chelated iron that is injected directly into the root zone. This step is designed to release nitrogen and increase phosphorus and potassium availability to stimulate root development, root zone nutrient storage and vigor.

Β· Three to five crop-safe insect and disease control applications are made between spring and mid-summer to prevent and protect against insects such as: Bud Moth, Codling Moth, Peach Borer, Mealy Bug, Tent Caterpillars, and Japanese Beetles; and Diseases such as: Apple Scab, Brown Rot, Blossom Blight and various fruit rots.