Weed Control Included in fertilizer programs

Post-emergent broadleaf weed control is applied in any fertilizer program and is Guaranteed.

Kill / Control Dandelions + Hundreds more weeds in Rockford IL & Northern Illinois

Our state of the art selective weed control products kill the weed at both the top and the root; including Dandelion, Clover, Creeping Charlie, and over a hundred more.  Our application process allows us to spray for weeds when needed.  By only applying weed control when needed we are taking care of your lawn in a more environmentally-friendly way. This can translate to less over all weed control being applied, helping everyone rest easier. You can rest assured when weeds are present we will proactively spot treat or blanket your yard as a whole depending on weed pressure.

KEY WEEDS CONTROLLED Chickweed, Clover, Dandelion, Dock, Ground Ivy (Creeping Charlie), Knotweed, Mallow, Oxalis, Plantain, Purslane, Shepherd’s-purse, Spurge, Thistle, Violets. Virginia creeper, Wild garlic, Woodsorrel, Yarrow and Hundreds more.

Grassy Weed Control -Pre-emergent annual grassy weed control is applied in any fertilizer program in the spring and is guaranteed.

Prevent, Control Annual Grassy Weeds like Crabgrass with Professional Weed Control Maintenance

Pre-emergent annual grassy weed control is applied in any fertilizer program in the spring and is guaranteed.  This treatment blocks the ability of Crabgrass, Foxtail, Goosegrass, and many other annual grassy and broadleaf weeds from completing their germination cycle. Post-emergent annual grassy weed control is applied in any fertilizer program of four steps or more as needed.  

Annual grassy weeds appear in the summer and die after the first frost.  If proper cultural practices (mowing and watering) are being followed we will proactively spray Crabgrass or other annual grassy weeds that appear.  As a customer you can call anytime to have grasses assessed and treated.

Additional weed control options

Tall Fescue can look like brooms sticking out of the lawn as the ornamental grasses slow in growth

TALL FESCUE PROBLEMS -Selective control is now available

  • Tall Fescue is the taller, wide clumpy grass that is an eyesore in a finer grassed lawn. It is often mistaken for Crabgrass or Quackgrass by the homeowner. Tall Fescue is a perennial grass, which means it comes back every year and will spread out it not controlled. 
  • We will treat the problem areas with a three step program. Proper cultural practices (mowing and watering) will be necessary to continue to provide optimal conditions needed for the best control results. Depending on the amount of Tall Fescue killed out, an aeration and overseeding may be necessary to help thicken and fill in the areas

VEGETATION CONTROL -NON-selective control

  • Lawns sometimes need some areas or spots killed to remove undesirable plants that will not die with selective weed control (kills the weeds not the grass) or be mechanically removed. This can include starting a lawn over because of perennial grassy weeds like Quack or Zoysia, for example. In these situations, we use a professional strength vegetation killer that will allow reseeding within just a few days. This service is usually done in late summer so seeding can be done soon after.

  • Vegetation / Crack control– Driveway, Sidewalks, Curbs and Gravel with 6 months of control.

BED WEED CONTROL PROGRAM -Less Weeds in your beds

  • By treating the beds three times and treating any weeds that appear throughout the season, we can eliminate most hand weeding. We cannot eliminate all weeds at all times, so this is an ongoing maintenance practice. This is the time to make a change that will save you from pulling weeds year after year.

Growth Regulator

Slow the lawn with growth regulation, keeping the beautiful healthy green grassy lawn and cut less.

Less Clippings, less Clumps, Deeper Green

Do you love the beauty and benefits of a well manicured lawn but tired of the constant cutting and all the clippings during the wetter times of the year? Our growth regulator regulates growth so there is less stress from cutting too much off when you can only get to it weekly.

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Core Aeration

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To get a beautiful garden, you must till the soil. Aeration is how you till your lawn

Fungicide / Disease Control



If your lawn has Insect and or fungus damaging it.

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Over / Slit Seeding


Over-seeding or slit seed a lawn if it is thin or fatigued after years of use.

Grub and Insect problems


  •  Grub Preventive / Control
  •  Surface Feed Insect control