Late Summer / Fall Renovation Services


Late Summer / Fall is the time to not only better your lawn but build a lawns foundation

”Contrary to popular opinion, fall is the best time of the year for lawn care. Fertilization, weed and thatch control, establishment of new lawns, and renovation of poor quality lawns should be done over the next few weeks.” β€”University of Illinois Extension

  •  DID YOU KNOW Optimal timing for seeding is August through September. Seed takes a couple of weeks to germinate then will need to mature for several more weeks to survive frosts in October.  DON'T MISS THE SEED WINDOW


Tim-ing / noun 1: the capacity to choose for the utmost effect the exact moment for taking action.

Fall is the best time to make a positive and lasting impact on your lawn. 

  • Now is the time to think about next year’s lawn and landscape.
  • The foundation of your lawn’s long-term health will be maintained and enhanced with these services, improving your lawn for next year!

Late Summer / Fall >Best Time to Seed, Aerate, Renovate


β€”WHY so important? β€”WHY is it such a good time?

Experts Agree- Fall is the best time to make a positive and lasting impact on a lawn. The secret to a beautiful lawn and landscape is not only fixing existing problems but also proactively maintaining the needs before problems arise. Now is the time to think about next year’s lawn. Fall is the best time to aerate. Roots do most of their growing in the fall and early spring, leading to a thicker lawn next year. Fall is also the best time for seeding with no conflicts with standard weed control techniques. By incorporating newer breeds of grass, a lawn will be more drought, insect, and disease resistant. Balance Upgrade Fertilizer will push root growth and Organic Upgrade Fertilizer will stimulate microbial life in the soil for a thicker, healthier, more disease resistant lawn next year. Aeration will help your lawn be its best, and stay its best. Together these services build your lawn for the long term and stop problems before they start. Note- Perennial cool-season grasses (your lawn) have the best chance to overcome thin areas with two to three good feedings or root enhancing services like aeration in the fall. Next spring when your lawn comes out of dormancy, it will build more root expansion and top growth off the roots that have expanded in the fall.

Your outside room speaks volumes about you and your house. 


Regularly Aerated Lawns with Fall services can make the difference.

Regularly Aerated Lawns with Fall services can make the difference.


Broadleaf Weed Control + Granular Fertilizer (new customers $50.00 or 25% off)

Best time to get the tough broadleaf weeds.  They will continue into next year if not killed this fall. Weeds like dandelion, thistle & many more broadleaf weeds are best controlled in the fall.

Core Aeration


Fill in Thin Areas

Fill in Thin Areas

Fill in Thin Areas

Keep your lawns roots expanding & keep thatch in check with regular Annual Core Aeration. To get a beautiful garden, you must till the soil. Aeration is how you till your lawn.  Aeration will help fill thin, drought damaged areas and will make the difference in keeping a lawn more consistently beautiful. 



Fill in Thin Areas

Fill in Thin Areas

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Helps Root expaned
  • Keeps Thatch in Check


Double Pass

Fill in Thin Areas

Double Pass

  • 2 X The amount of Holes
  • 2 X Root expansion
  • 2 X Seed to Dirt Contact
  • 2 X Incorporation of soil conditioner

Fall Services & Discounted Packages


Core Aeration + Standard -or- Upgrade Fertilizer with or without Weed Control option

  • Core Aeration + Standard Fertilizer -2.5% 
  • Core Aeration + Upgraded Fertilizer -5% 


Core Aeration Lawn Program Discount 5-35%

Don’t miss out on your aeration, and you may have a discount too. Aeration is discounted on

  • Basic Four  -5%
  • Standard Five  -10%
  • Full Standard six  -15%
  • Basic Four Upgrade -15%
  • Combination Five  -20%
  • Combination Upgrade 25%
  • Ultimate Organic Upgrade 35%

More info on fertilizer options


Combine it with 10% Annual Core Aeration Discount & SAVE MORE


Core Aeration + Over Seed + Starter -7.5%

Core Aeration opens up the lawn to seed soil contact. This is a great way to Overseed an established lawn that is thin or has damaged areas & starter will push vegetative growth helping grass roots to fill in more vigorously.

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Renovation Package (Double-pass Aeration, Overseed, Organic and Balance Fertilizers, and Soil Conditioner) 10% - 15% off services

Make your lawn all it can be. Thicken new lawns and reinvigorate old lawns by aerating, overseeding and fertilizing with only the best upgraded fertilizer treatments to maximize results. First, we open up the lawn with a double-pass aeration, then overseed with highest quality seed, and fertilize with special starter and organic fertilizers. This seed is more resistant to insects and disease than the grass of yesterday.

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