Natural Base Organic Fertilizer


what organic fertilizer can do for your lawn

The condition of the soil under your grass is more important to the overall health of your lawn than any other variable. Care for your soil, and your lawn will be inherently healthy. It has been proven time and again that organics suppress fungus and stimulate healthy micro-organisms. This makes for reduced maintenance, thatch, and fungus, better overall looks, and greater drought tolerance. 

Unfortunately, most lawns do not have a high amount of organic material, due to modern building and property management practices. Usually, fertile top soil, which in nature is thick and full of microbes, is scooped up and left in piles. This unnatural mound sterilizes most of the best part of your top soil, before you even have a house or a lawn. When it's all said and done, you are lucky to have anything more than sterile compact dirt. Over time you may have put down plenty of synthetic fertilizer, but have you enhanced your microbial life by adding humus and organic materials?

A more significant change can be made by accelerating microbial life (the life blood of rich soil), with this special organic fertilizer-- getting your soil much closer to the optimum organic state. Yes, it is a little more expensive than a regular treatment, but well worth it. If you have a lawn that is not quite where you want it; or you want the edge; or maybe you just want to start treating with a more environmentally-friendly method, just let us know and we can show you the extra value organics can add. 


image29 have a high amount of thatch. have fungus problems. …you want better color.'re trying to encourage new growth and thickening. haven't added compost lately.

...your lawn is new or you're seeding. have high amounts of clay or poor soil. 

Get All The Nutrients Your Lawn Needs!

Balance+ Organic Base


βœ” All nutrients plants need are available 

βœ” Vegetative growth from organically derived phosphorus

βœ” Plant health is enhanced with additional potassium

βœ” Feeds the soil and the lawn more completely with balanced analysis

βœ”   Balance+ Upgrade up to 40% organic base  

Always Granular Slow Release

βœ” Improved soil health in all of our fertilizer product lines

βœ” Pre-Emergent/Crabgrass & Broadleaf Weed Control Included

Organic ProForm+NP


Our Pro-Form Fertilizer

Combining the experience of over 20 years working with organic base, bio-solid, and slow-release fertilizers, we designed Organic Pro-Form+NP/P4, Balance+ Upgrade and our Standard+ with organic base fertilizer to make your lawn thrive by combining the benefits of organic nutrients in a more balanced analysis. Even our standard fertilizer line is enhanced by blending some organic fertilizer into it when available. We get better results every time, making the soil better with organic base fertilizer giving real benefits like retaining more water and feeding the microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms nourish the lawn naturally, by feeding the soil to nourish the grass, a lawn simply looks better and is better able to fight most diseases. Feeding through the soil is usually the best way, except when the soil microbes slow down when the soil is wet or in colder soil temperatures. Those conditions are when lawns need nitrogen more than any other nutrient, so by adding just enough slow-release nitrogen in our ProForm+NP, we fill in these gaps. When the soil in nature doesn't provide adequate amounts, we help keep the lawn stay actively growing and healthy. This will help the lawn naturally resist common slow growth diseases/ fungus problems like rust, red thread, and dollar spot. The +P in Pro-Form+NP/P4 stands for organically derived Phosphorus and mineral-based Potassium. Our organic phosphorus slowly releases up to 10 weeks, naturally improving vegetative growth, releasing over time, making it safer to use, unlike faster releasing forms that are now only allowed if seeding or renovating. In fact, until recently phosphorus was almost always included in lawn fertilizer because it has so many benefits. Phosphorus is in starter fertilizer for new lawns because it promotes strong root and overall vegetative growth. Additionally, Phosphorus is a vital component of DNA, the genetic "memory unit" of all living things. It is also a component of RNA, the compound that reads the DNA genetic code to build proteins and other compounds essential for plant structure, and genetic transfer. The structures of both DNA and RNA are linked together by phosphorus bonds. The +P also stands for added Potassium to make the fertilizer more balanced and help grass withstand stress, drought, and disease. Potassium helps maintain turgor pressure in the cells of the plant, resulting in a positive influence on drought tolerance, cold hardiness, and disease resistance. Phosphorous and Potassium benefits will help grass establish quicker and or heal faster creating a dense, healthy covering of turf that discourages weeds even in higher stress areas or in less than ideal conditions. Get all the nutrients your lawn craves in any of our fertilizer choices.

Get all the nutrients in our organic base fertilizers: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg) and also Micro-nutrients: boron (B), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), chloride (Cl), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), and, zinc (Zn)

Premium Organic Fertilizer Product Options

  • ProForm-P4 -Purley 4 Organic
  • ProForm-PO -Purley Organic
  • ProForm-CX -CarbonX Organic
  • Sustane Fertilizer Soil Builders
  • Organic Top Dressing Fertilizer

Maximum Organic with Premium Organic -ProForm-P4/PO

ProForm P4


Organic+Potassium 4-4-4 Fertilizer 4% Iron 100% Organic Fertilizer is recycled nutrient-rich bio-solids from the treatment of domestic waste high in organic nitrogen + Potassium. 

You may have heard of Milorganite, this is essentially the same Organic fertilizer product It is made in a similar process by processing biosolids.  These evenly sized particles slowly feed turf for up to 10 weeks while the extra concentrated 4% iron content quickly turns grass a vibrant green. This Organic Fertilizer includes 12 other nutrients including 4% Iron, 3% Calcium, 1% Sulfur and 1% Magnesium. We make it a balanced fertilizer by blending the Potassium for additional improvement to the health and drought tolerance than just organic fertilizer alone. This will give the maximum organic base of any fertilizer possible and can be ordered without.  Usually applied in a  weed management program or when 4 or more steps are set up we can treat weeds by request.



Available without Potassium by request making it 100% Organic 5-5-0 5% Iron only 

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